The editors of "Polish Libraries" accept only manuscripts that have not been published before and are not planned for publishing  in other journals or collective works.


Papers are reviewed through a double-blind peer review process. Each paper is reviewed with a standard review form filled in by two referees selected from professionals with expertise in appropriate domain. The reviewers use the following evaluation criteria: compatibility of the subject discussed with the journal profile, scientific merit, appropriate text arrangement and correct language use. Authors submitting papers for publication will be notified no later than 10 weeks from the time the editors receive the text.


The editors of "Polish Libraries" kindly request Authors to follow the journal guidelines while preparing and sending papers for publication.

1. General guidelines

Papers should be submitted in Microsoft Word format. Papers should be sent by e-mail to:

Each paper should be accompanied by keywords and an abstract ca. 1000 characters long prepared by the author. The abstract should present a thesis/objective of the paper, research methods applied, and most importantly results and conclusions.

Authors are expected to prepare a separate title page including the title of the paper, the Author's name, mailing and e-mail address. Furthermore, in compliance with the policy against ghostwriting and guest authorship, Authors are requested to reveal the names and affiliations of all persons who contributed to the paper and the extent of their contribution (the author of the concept, assumptions, methods, etc. used in the submitted manuscript; the percentage of the author's contribution to the research and the paper preparation). Ghostwriting and guest authorship are the mark of scientific dishonesty and all their occurrences have to be brought to the public's attention by the editors even if the appropriate institutions need to be informed (institutions employing authors, scientific associations, associations of scientific editors, etc.). Authors are also requested to describe sources of funding that have supported the work and the financial involvement of research institutes, associations and other entities (financial disclosure).

The first page of the submitted paper should include only the title and Authors' statement that the text presented to "Polish Libraries" has neither been published nor been considered for publication in any other journal. If the paper was presented at a scientific meeting, Authors should provide detailed information about the event and the conference proceedings. If the paper is planned as a part of a book, Authors should provide its metadata and planned publishing date. In order to ensure the anonymity of the review process, Authors are asked not to place any information in the text that could be used to identify the author.

2. Detailed guidelines for paper preparation

The editors advise that the text should be organized into unnumbered subtitled sections. It should start with an introductory overview and end with conclusions and a summary of the discussion.

Titles of journals, exhibitions, conferences, programs, etc. should be put in double quotation marks; titles of publications (books, journal papers, etc.) should be italicized.

Illustrative content (tables, graphs, etc.) should be saved as greyscale or black-and-white pictures and their place within the text should be clearly marked; all illustrations should be numbered and titled.

Footnotes should be placed at the bottom of appropriate pages and numbered with Arabic numerals; it is recommended to limit the number of footnotes to only the most indispensable ones.

When the paper is accepted for publication, the Authors are asked to send their high resolution photographs (by e-mail, as JPG or TIF files, or by regular mail, as high resolution printouts) and short biographical notes of a maximum of 70 words which should include the Authors’ scientific/professional titles, current employers and positions occupied, scientific/professional specializations and most importantly publications (max. 3).

The editors will not accept texts that do not follow the guidelines listed above and stipulate the right to reduce texts and introduce changes as accepted by the authors. The editors do not return materials sent to "Polish Libraries".